Some photos from our courses showing some fantastic products and happy students.

Students of all ages from 14 to ... and all so proud of the products they have produced.

Although the products look professionaly made the students actually make them from start to finish themselves Graham and our team don't interfere so the products are entirely the students own work. Regardless of whether they students have no previous experience of breadmaking (or any other type cooking for that matter)or have been making bread for years all the students produce quality breads to take home. 

Graham guides the students through every stage of production and explains the process and theory at the same time so whatever level of experience or confidence you're at we will help to build your skills and understanding to a near professional level.

Lunch is provided on most courses by way of a sourdough pizza stretched and topped by the students,. throughout the day teas and coffees of all sorts are kept flowing along with a range of juices and water, before the students arrive some fresh cookies will have been baked to keep you going.

The initial courses are quite intensive but the results are amazing,a friendly atmosphere helps the day fly by and new knowledge and friends are inevitably gained.



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