Soft Rolls & Buns

Soft Rolls & Buns

We have now sold our Bakery premises so are unable to provide in person courses unless you have a suitable venue.

Our courses are in the process of being transferred in to an online format and most are already available at More courses will be added in the future.



On this course you will learn how to enrich your doughs to make beautifully soft rolls that will last really well and make great packed lunches, picnics and barbecue rolls.

with further enrichment Graham will guide you through making a whole range of Buns such a Chelsea Buns, fruit buns, tea cakes, iced buns,fruit loaves, cinnamon swirls and Lardy cakes! Graham will explain how this dough can be used to make a whole range of buns.

Graham will give you some extra ideas and tips to inspire you to make your own savoury and sweet creations.

The course is from 09:30 and finishes at about 16:00 Lunch included

Please do not book on these courses unless you have previously attended a course at Graham's Bakery. you will not be able to attend and we will retain 10% of your fee as a handling charge. this is not negotiable.



Online courses now available; 

Online Bun making Courses Course

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