Brioche & Chollah

Brioche & Chollah

Brioche & Chollah

On this course you will learn how to further enrich your doughs to make beautifull plaited cholah loaves and soft and sweet brioche

The course is from 09:30 and finishes at about 18:00 Lunch included

Please do not book on these courses unless you have previously attended a course at Graham's Bakery. you will not be able to attend and we will retain 10% of your fee as a handling charge. this is not negotiable.



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Product no.: Brioche00

This is a stand alone Basic course, open to participants with or without previous experience.

Learn to make your own wonderfully soft Brioche by a simple yet robust, set, recipe and method.

Recipe cards and refreshments are included

this course is from 10:00 until 14:00ish

Was £90.00
£40.00 / ticket(s)

remaining spaces: 2

Product no.: BC01

This course is only open to people who have previously attended an Essentials course at Graham's Bakery

Furher develop your skills as you learn to make your own Brioche & Chollah

Was £240.00
£80.00 / ticket(s)

remaining spaces: 5