The Essentials of Bread Making - Course

The Essentials of Bread Making - Course

We have now sold our Bakery premises so are unable to provide in person courses unless you have a suitable venue.

Our courses are in the process of being transferred in to an online format and most are already available at More courses will be added in the future.



Suitable for the complete novice and those with previous experience 

Graham will take you from a complete novice or recipe follower to a level of competency and understanding that will allow you to create your own recipes to achieve the bread qualities of your personal preferences.

You will learn the fundamental theories that underpin all breadmaking.

During this course you will create both white and wholemeal breads as tin loaves and as oven bottom crusty types. While producing these doughs Graham will explain the ingredients involved and how the differing quantities produce different qualities in the finished product. You will learn how to use your senses to judge when the doughs are mixed, fermented, proved and baked. You gain moulding skills from a real baker that allows you to create bold and shapely loaves with good crumb structure.

Courses run from 9.30am to 6pm ish.

A deposit of £30 can secure any course space, just email asking to be booked on to the date required and we will send payment details in due course.



please email if you require a gift voucher.

Bookings made directly through this website will be automatically reserved.

Aprons, ingredients and refreshments provided.

Start the day with some freshly baked cookies, locally ground and roasted coffee or a pot of tea, a range of fresh juices, fruit teas etc. maybe even some fresh Brioche.

We will keep you topped up with drinks throughout the day and lunch is a  12" sourdough pizza made with a sourdough starter from a 200 year old bakery on the island of Ischia (just off Naples).

at the end of the day you will taste and examine all of the breads made to see the qualities you should expect from each type.

After a hard days work you should take home 6 loaves made entirely by you individually from weighing the ingredients to packing them at the end it's all your own work (we work the ovens but the rest is entirely yours)

Online courses now available; 

Online Bun making Courses Course

Click Here to Enroll on the online version of the Essentials course 

Click Here to Enroll on the online version of the Essentials course program

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