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We have now sold our Bakery premises so are unable to provide in person courses unless you have a suitable venue.

Our courses are in the process of being transferred in to an online format and most are already available at More courses will be added in the future.



Graham is a fully trained professional baker. He loves using and adapting the traditional methods of making bread and also the challenge of creating new products to meet the diverse nature of today‚Äôs society.  His skills and knowledge give him the ability to understand the sciences involved in the process of making bread and he enjoys the opportunity to share his passion through delivering courses. Whether you are a complete novice or have some previous experience you will come away from one of these courses with the confidence to create products to be proud of in your own home.

These In Depth lessons are designed for those who want to be able to understand the process and be creative when they get home, using alternative ingredients, flavours and methods with confidence.

Start with the "Essentials" course which teaches the underlying principals of making bread and with this knowledge move through our range of "Follow On " courses which expand the "Essentials" knowledge to increase your repertoire of breads.

Learn how to create your doughs in a friendly, relaxed environment and gain the skills to make and bake a variety of bread products. You will not just learn to follow a recipe but gain an understanding of the ingredients that will allow you to create your own recipes to suit your taste.

Each product covered in the lesson will be made from start to finish by you so you will get the opportunity to experience each stage and ask questions.  with drinks and nibbles throughout the day.


 online courses are now available at 



Online courses now available; 

Online Bun making Courses Course


The Essentials of Bread Making - Course

The Essentials of Bread Making - Course

An inclusive course covering ingredients, dough mixing, proving, moulding final proof and baking. produce range of doughs that show differences between white, wholemeal, crusty & tin doughs 

intensive Breadmaking course gloucester

comprehensive Bread making lessons

vegan and vegetarian friendly

Follow on Courses -for those who have completed the essentials course

Follow on Courses -for those who have completed the essentials course

Courses to further develop your skills, introduce new and advanced methods as well as increasing your bread repertoire

Only available to previous attendees of the "Essentials" Course

Courses include Soft rolls & Buns, Italian Breads,Traditional Sourdough, Brioche & Chollah, Panettonne & Stollen, Spelt & Rye and Artisan Sourdough

Vegan and vegetarian baking lessons available

Graham's Bakery School - baking courses - lesson - Bread making - bread course Gloucester

courses include;

essentials of Breadmaking lessons

Soft rolls Course

buns Course , lardy cakes chelsea buns iced buns belgian buns cinnamon squares  fruit loaves tea cakes fruit buns and the universal bun dough

Italin bread course; focaccia  ciabatta  pizza lessons

Brioche lessons

Chollah lessons plaiting

Panettonne course

stollen course

spelt breadmaking lessons

rye bread course

traditional sourdough course

artisan sourdough bread lessons



Some photos from our courses showing some fantastic products and happy students

Online Courses

Online Courses

We are in the process of setting up online versions of all our current courses.

We intend to launch the course in April 2020.

The website is live now and will be throughout the setup, you are able to book on  (purchase) any of the currently uploaded courses

The physical courses do give the best learning experience as Graham responds to the individual issues each participant has But each of our courses are packed full of information which can be hard to take in in 1 day.

The Online versions give the participants the ability to watch the video demonstraions and listen to the explanations as many times as they wish.

Online Courses

The courses are classified in different groups to help you find the correct one for you (40 courses waiting to be uploaded and many more planned)

Course types are:

Basic Courses - ideal starter / refresher courses, simple robust recipes and methods for a range of breads and rolls

Essentials Courses - Avanced courses taking the student beyond the basics,ideal for those who really want to understand, be creative and rise to the top. Great starter/advanced Bundle Offers

Italian - Courses based on Italian products

Buns courses - A whole range of sweet bun goods

Sourdough Courses - from Artisan to Traditional and Pizza made by sourdough

A Structured delivery program of courses - the best way to learn and the best value too! from beginners to professional theses courses are the way to rise to the top.

Bread Program

Bread & Buns Program

Bread & Italian breads Program

Bread & Sourdough Breads Program

The ultimate complete Bread Program (all 2020 courses included)





Other categories to follow