Traditional Sourdough Bread Making Course

Traditional Sourdough Bread Making Course

We have now sold our Bakery premises so are unable to provide in person courses unless you have a suitable venue.

Our courses are in the process of being transferred in to an online format and most are already available at More courses will be added in the future.



This course covers white and brown sourdoughs, the course will cover keeping the mother, mixing, proving, moulding, baking etc. you will also learn how to attain different characteristics from your breads by using different temperatures and by breading the starter to give the results you require. You will learn how sourdough recipes are formulated, how to change the recipe to give doughs that take from 5 hours to 3 days to complete and how to convert any commercially yeasted recipe in to a sourdough one.

Courses times will vary greatly so at most could run from 9.00 to 21:00 with a break from 10:30 AM until 15:30 although we hope to move the students and dough along so that the course is from 09:00 until 18:00 with a gap from 10:00 until 12:00

A deposit of £30 can secure any course space, just email asking to be booked on to the date required and we will send payment details in due course.



Bookings made directly through this website will be automatically reserved.

please email if you require a gift voucher.

This course is not available through any third party voucher.

Aprons, ingredients and refreshments provided.

Start the day with some freshly baked cookies, locally ground and roasted coffee or a pot of tea, a range of fresh juices, fruit teas etc. maybe even some fresh Brioche.

We will keep you topped up with drinks throughout the day.

Online courses now available; 

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