Online Courses

We are in the process of setting up online versions of all our current courses.

We intend to launch the course in April 2020.

The website is live now and will be throughout the setup, you are able to book on  (purchase) any of the currently uploaded courses

The physical courses do give the best learning experience as Graham responds to the individual issues each participant has But each of our courses are packed full of information which can be hard to take in in 1 day.

The Online versions give the participants the ability to watch the video demonstraions and listen to the explanations as many times as they wish.

The courses are classified in different groups to help you find the correct one for you (40 courses waiting to be uploaded and many more planned)

Course types are:

Basic Courses - ideal starter / refresher courses, simple robust recipes and methods for a range of breads and rolls

Essentials Courses - Avanced courses taking the student beyond the basics,ideal for those who really want to understand, be creative and rise to the top. Great starter/advanced Bundle Offers

Italian - Courses based on Italian products

Buns courses - A whole range of sweet bun goods

Sourdough Courses - from Artisan to Traditional and Pizza made by sourdough

A Structured delivery program of courses - the best way to learn and the best value too! from beginners to professional theses courses are the way to rise to the top.

Bread Program

Bread & Buns Program

Bread & Italian breads Program

Bread & Sourdough Breads Program

The ultimate complete Bread Program (all 2020 courses included)





Other categories to follow




































Online course Beta trials 

Basic courses


Online course trial now available

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