Basic Bread Making Course Thursday 21st November 2019

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£40.00 / ticket(s)

Suitable for the complete novice, shorter and less intense than our Essentials course.

A robust recipe and method which gives you the confidence and skills to recreate great bread at home but does not confuse the student with lengthy explanations or the many alternatives or variations that could be possible.

During this course you will create both tin loaves and oven bottom crusty types.  You will learn how to use your senses to judge when the doughs are mixed, fermented, proved and baked. You gain moulding skills from a real baker that allows you to create bold and shapely loaves with good crumb structure.

Courses run from 10am to 14:00pm ish.


This course is basic and as such does not teach the skills that would be required to attend any of out follow on courses (except the Italian). If you've made bread before then you will most probably have some queries which this course will not answer.

please check out our essentials course for a more in depth comprehensive course, with details of additions, wholemeal, alternative ingredients etc.  suitable for novices to professionals. and all the skills needed to progress on to all of our follow on courses

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